photojournalism student – Western Kentucky University


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Venice was, by far, my favorite city I visited during our end-of-the-semester trip to Italy.  It’s completely unlike any other place I’ve traveled to during my semester abroad.  Venice is a group of 118 separate islands that are separated by canals, which are all linked together by bridges.  The city floods almost every night around 10-11 p.m. but somehow everything still stays afloat and is dry by the next morning.  Since the town is made of all water and bridges, there are no cars to be found anywhere.  It was so nice not to have to look before crossing the street or worrying about traffic or public transportation.  I feel that this contributes to the more relaxed lifestyle and slower pace of life that seems to dominate the town.  No automobiles also made for a quieter and cleaner town where every street and canal was picturesque.  Out of the four cities in Italy I’ve traveled to, Venice would be my first choice if I had the opportunity to return and explore again.


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