photojournalism student – Western Kentucky University


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  • Something that was so cool to me in Rome was the “Roman Aqueduct.”  These magical fountains of ice cold, clean water not only saved our throats in the 80-degree sun, but also saved us from buying drinks the entire trip.  It was nice not having to always ask the embarrassing study abroad question, “Do you think it’s safe to drink the water here?”
  • One of my favorite activities throughout this semester has been to watch non-American tourists take pictures.  Generally, Americans usually smile when posing for pictures, but that is not always the norm for people from Europe or Asia.  Rome has tons of touristy places for watching people pose with their oh-so-serious faces. (Ex: Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican, ect.)
  • After a semester of traveling around and visiting countless churches and cathedrals, the shock and awe factor begins to wear off and they all start to look a lot alike. Because of this, I’m glad the last cathedral I visited was St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.  I can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming and amazing place that is St. Peter’s, the shock & awe totally came back after setting foot inside!
  • Another remarkable and unexpected place that Sarah introduced me to was the Mamertine Prison. This was where Peter was imprisoned & wrote his letters for the New Testament. Paul also came to visit him frequently in his cell and there was the hole in the ground where water would mysteriously appear and he was able to baptize 47 prisoners during his time being held.

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